What Is Text Message Marketing?
Text messaging, also known as SMS (short message service), is a permission based form of marketing where the customer initiates things by texting in a keyword to join your list. In exchange for their subscription, you can offer them an incentive, such as a coupon, free goods or services, free information, etc. Once the person has subscribed to your text messages, they are now a part of your list and will receive all of your future marketing text messages. People can opt-out from receiving messages at any time.
Why Should Businesses Use Text Message Marketing?
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Higher Open Rate And Response Rate Than Email Marketing
Text message offers have open rates and response rates that are nearly doubled or tripled compared to email coupon offers.
Messages are INSTANT:
97% of text messages get read, 85% are read within the first 15 minutes. Emails can sit in Inboxes for days, if they get opened at all.
Draw In Customers During Your Slow Days:
Perk up a slow day and drive customers to your business with a group message to your list offering a great incentive with a free or discount offer.
Increase Loyalty From Your Best Customers:
It costs more to get a new customer in the door than to bring one back. Text message marketing is the best way to increase the frequency and consistancy of your customers' visits.
Gain An Edge Over Your Competition:
Today, more and more businesses are beginning to use text messaging campaigns as a means of increasing their revenue and customer list. Don't wait until your competition down the street creates their text messaging list and starts bringing in customers that could have been yours! To learn more or to get started today, fill out the contact form here.