By the year 2015, experts predict that smartphones will surpass PC's as being the most common device to access the internet!
79% of Today's Websites Cannot Be Viewed Properly On a Mobile Phone.
Is Yours One Of Them?

How Do Mobile-Friendly and Non Mobile-Friendly Websites Compare When Being Viewed On A Smartphone?
Regular Desktop Website Viewed On A Smartphone
Mobile-Friendly Website Viewed On A Smartphone
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Format Is Too Large
Standard Desktop Websites are formatted for larger screens and won't fit properly on the smaller screens of mobile devices.
Hard To Navigate
Websites that are not mobile-friendly are hard to navigate and hard to read taking a longer time for visitors to find the information they need.
Not-User Friendly
If visitors cannot find the information they need quickly and easily, chances are they'll leave your website out of fustration and go somewhere else...resulting in lost sales to your business.
Longer Loading Times
Standard websites have larger image files that take a longer time to load on a mobile phone.
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Format Fits Smaller Screeens Of Mobile Devices
Mobile-Friendly websites are specially coded to fit the smaller screens of today's smartphones.
Easy to Navigate & View
Mobile-Frienldy websites are easy to navigate and view, allowing vistors to find the information they need quickly and easily.
User-Friendly Experience
Mobile-Friendly websites give your visitors a user-friendly experience creating a favorable and professional impression of your company and are most likely to return to your website.
Instant Contact To Your Business
Mobile-friendly websites allow your customers to connect with you instantly with a click-to-call button. People take their phones with them everywhere. It's like having your company with them in their back pocket!